Coal Mining and its Types?

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Mining for Coal is primarily classified into two broad categories. But before going into that lets learn a little about coal.

Coal mining is primarily a fancy name given for methods of mining coal seam. Coal seam is a dark brown or black banded deposit of coal that is present within layers of rock. These seams are primarily located deposit of coal which is underground. On the other hand, they are also found on side flanks of mountains. These seams undergo a long and natural formation method of coal and serve as a conventional coal reserve.

Note: These seams of coal can act as an alternate source of natural gas.

Coal seam in many situations does have natural gas as a combination.This type of Natural gas is known as Coal seam Gas or Coal Bed Methane.

The Seam is said to be mined using two methods. Namely Surface mining and Underground mining. These mining methods consists of many activities that incorporate various equipment’s and methods. The choice of using the combination depends on parameters like technology, economic and social factors in the area. The technology factors to make it small include primarily number of seams, thickness and number of layers, the nature and thickness of overburden overlaying, coal quality and cost of preparation. The Social factors taken in is prior history of mining, ownership , labor and support of government in the area.

Classification of Coal Mining

Coal mining are broadly divided into two broad methods . They are Surface Mining and underground mining. The process of choosing the type of method used , depends on the economic, technology and value of coal mining.

Surface Mining

Surface mining does contain a lot of work and procedure and lets list the different methods.

  1. Contour Strip Mining.
  2. Area Strip Mining.
  3. Open Pit Mining.
  4. Auger Mining.

Underground Mining

Underground mining is said to be more work and technology savvy over surface mining. Lets jolt them in.

  1. Room and Pillar Mining.
  2. Long Wall Mining.
  3. Short Wall Mining.
  4. Thick Seam Mining.

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