Photo Electrochemical for Hydrogen Generation?

Hi Guys welcome back to a blog today. Today it is going to be interesting. Today I will be discussing one of the upcoming methods of extracting Sustainable Hydrogen for primarily for energy use.

This method we use sunlight to produce hydrogen from water using specialized semiconductors materials. This is a long term technology in the making and has the potential for low or no green house gas emissions.

How Does it Work?

The PEC water splitting process uses a special semiconductor materials to convert the light energy to chemical energy in the form of Hydrogen. These materials work on the same principle as solar generation materials. In difference these materials are immersed in water electrolyte for On the other hand these materials are immersed in water , where sunlight is converted to hydrogen via water splitting.

These materials are formed as panels as any photovoltaic material due to its ease in constructions. In Contrary, slurry based systems are also being developed. Each method does has its advantages and weaknesses. Till Date the panel is more prominent in use. Lets now learn about the approaches.

Approaches can be classified into

  • Electrode System
  • Particle System
Courtesy: The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

I will be discussing the methods in detail in upcoming blogs. So please tune in regularly.

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