Four Different Ways of Extracting Hydrogen?

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Hydrogen as we all know is a important element in the periodic table and can be found in a variety of sources. Hydrogen could be extracted in many different methods. Lets discuss four of them today.

They are namely:

  • Thermochemical Processes
  • Electrolytic Processes
  • Direct Solar Water Splitting Processes
  • Biological Processes

Thermochemical Processes

As we all know that hydrogen is present in practically all natural and biological makeup. Thermal processes primarily use resources like natural gas, coal or biomass to produce Hydrogen from their molecular structure. In the case of chemical processes, heat can be used with chemical cycles to produce Hydrogen. I would like to mention few commonly used methods as:

  • Natural Gas Reforming(Steam Methane Reforming)
  • Coal Gasification
  • Biomass Gasification
  • Bio -mass derived liquid reforming
  • Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen(STCH)

Electrolytic Processes

In this process water is split into its constituents. This is achieved using external electricity. This process is used currently in commercial systems. This process uses the process of electrolysis which, I will be going in subsequent blogs guys.

Direct Solar Water Splitting Processes

This method of Hydrogen molecule has the potential for becoming the next method of the millennium after steel making. In this method, solar energy excites the catalytical or biological properties of the electrodes or microbes and split water to Hydrogen and Oxygen. Unfortunately, these methods are still in the research stage but have long term potential for sustainable production without any carbon footprints increase. Namely there are two processes which show promise as:

  • Photo Electro-chemical(PEC)
  • Photobiological

Biological Processes

Microbes such as bacteria and microalgae have the potential to produce Hydrogen through biological reactions, using Sunlight or Organic matter. These technologies unfortunately are still in research phase but also have potential for sustainable production of Hydrogen like Solar water Splitting.

Learn more about the following biological processes in future blogs:

  • Microbial Biomass Conversion
  • Photobiological

Guys I will be adding more content on these topic in future blogs. Please tune in next week.

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